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Work from home jobs like liveops

work from home jobs like liveops

Other times, there may be an increase in demand for roadside assistance reps. What timeframe can be expected from acceptance to the first paycheck? Additionally, your phone line must be dedicated solely to Liveops. How to Apply to LiveOps? Some of our clients pay a straight talk-time rate, generally 25 cents per how much can you earn trading cryptocurrency minute of talk time, and some pay a base rate plus a bonus for commission.

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You May Also Like: LiveOps Work from Home: 6 Flexible Jobs That Pay 10 -30/Hr was last modified: May 6th, 2019 by Lashay. Getting Paid with LiveOps, there isnt a set pay rate when you work from home jobs like liveops work with Liveops your pay is determined mostly by the clients on the line you choose to work. With so many clients offering different opportunities it's easy to want to jump right in and tackle an exciting new line. Bilingual Call Center Agents ( French and Spanish what is Required to Work for LiveOps? Live Ops hires independent contractors to review and place calls inquiring about particular products or services. But before we jump into LiveOps work at home opportunities, lets talk about the company and what it takes to get in here. For more information, check out the. Do you need like the idea of a flexible schedule? .

You must have a quiet environment to take calls. My hard work, dedication, and patience had proven to be the key to my future success and was about to pay off in ways that I never dreamed possible. If you want to make 50 a day, then you will need to rack up 200 minutes during however many shifts it takes to rack that. Thats where you come in! Its best to evaluate each individually to decide which is the best fit for you.

work from home jobs like liveops

Some of the lines only pay.20 per talk time and some of the elite sales lines also offer POPs or Per Order Payment. Live Ops is a flexible phone job that allows you to choose your schedule as long as you work for a minimum of 10 hours per week. But as with any work from home opportunity, there are pros and cons. Perks of Working With Liveops, many of the perks that come with working for Liveops have to do with the flexibility. What else should I know about LiveOps? How do I get paid as a LiveOps work at home agent? After that time, your contract may or may not be renewed. This was during a time in work from home jobs like liveops California's history when floods, mudslides, and power outages had many people stranded and in need of help.

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There is typically a minimum number of hours you need to work each week to remain active. Liveops agents have the opportunity to work around their lives. Stacie has been working from home as a customer service representative for Liveops for over work from home jobs like liveops a year and has a wonderful story to tell. The best way to keep up on the LiveOps work at home opportunities is to bookmark and visit their. Agents are able to develop the necessary hard and soft skills to efficiently carry out the tasks required by our customers. They recommend here that you pick one line to start with and then expand as you get more comfortable and build your skills. Agents are able to constantly evolve both their hard and soft skills as well as to truly become experts in their particular interest areas which is why our clients trust Liveops to help carry out their work with a flexible workforce. I chose the latter and payment on my invoices are always accurate and on time. There are additional certification courses and product knowledge that you might be required to learn, and those arent paid either. Really think about what it is you enjoy doing and how you see your career developing over time. LiveOps is definitely on the more flexible side of the spectrum. .

If youre looking for something that will replace a substantial full-time salary, LiveOps probably wont get you there. Youll also have access to all the other Liveops agents via forums where you can share information and strategies for all aspects of your work. But then the reality set in that just because you land a work from home job doesnt mean youll get to work when you want. I was a stay-at-home mom for over 17 years, putting my family first and devoting much of my time to care for my disabled son and three other children. LiveOps agents must live in the US and be 18 or older. Tagged: legit liveops liveops review liveops scam liveops work from home. These new opportunities were created by ten, new big-name clients signing on with LiveOps. LiveOps will pay you twice a month by check or direct work from home jobs like liveops deposit (your choice!). The biggest challenge I've faced as an agent is exercising patience. I really stumbled upon Liveops. Agents are paid on receipt of invoices by either check or direct deposit whichever the agent prefers.

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Youll gain instant access to free ebooks and guides to help you create your very own cubicle escape plan. Theres no fee for the course, but you also arent compensated for your time taking. This process requires a non-refundable 60 fee for background and credit check services. Others might offer a per-minute pay rate plus bonuses for sales. When I started with Liveops, something just felt different.

You'll also receive all the details to gain access to the remote workers' library). They have complete control of the opportunities and the time commitments that they decide to pursue. Corded headset (no bluetooth local or digital phone service (no Skype or other voip). This is exactly why our agents love being a part of the Liveops Nation. Fully available online, the application process is an easy step-by-step process. They offer many different opportunities for independent agents to work from home. For example, say you talk 20 minutes out of 30 minutes, and then you are paid for 20 minutes times.25 a minute. There is no fee to apply; however, all independent contractors invited to provide services for our clients must pass a background and credit check which is conducted through a third party, Checkr. Once you lose lines due to this one metric you never get them back.) unpaid training What Do Others Say About LiveOps? Each step of the way I felt more excited, nervous, and like I was on the precipice of something big.

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It also makes a fantastic way to supplement your other income streams in your downtime. The certification process is entirely free. While most of the sales lines are 24/7; most of the customer service lines have set hours. The pay at LiveOps.25 per minute of talk time. Minimum of 1GB Ram memory, additional technical requirements are specified on their site here. Typically, I advise individuals never to pay anything in order to work from home, but when you are interested in contracting with a company like LiveOps as an independent agent, it is common practice to pay for expenses associated with any pre-contract requirements. What is the Pay Like at LiveOps? That means you can only have one designated home office at any given point. LiveOps has a platform that allows agents to schedule themselves in blocks based on their availability. You must have a noise cancelling headset. With well-known clients such as Pizza Hut, SalesForce, Guess, Abbvie, Fidelity Investments, and many other recognizable companiesLiveOps continues to grow. That means LiveOps work at home opportunities are always available for the right candidates. What made you apply to Liveops?

How long do you keep resumes on file? Renewing Your Contract Agents are extended contracts for a six-month period. LiveOPs Work At Home Requirements, in addition to passing the credit and background check, LiveOps work at home agents must also meet other requirements. LiveOps has a great work/life balance, compassionate and collaborative employees and a fantastic culture! Get a membership to FlexJobs, the most trusted job board with flexible and remote work that is guaranteed to be scam-free. And many people dont like commission-based work, which might make it tough to make the kind of money you want to make from home.

work from home jobs like liveops

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As an independent contractor, they can decide when, where, and how long to provide services as their schedule permits. When the opportunity finally presented itself I was excited and elated! This has given me the opportunity to not only contribute to our family's financial security but, most importantly, to attain a sense work from home jobs like liveops of self. What Are the Requirements to Work at LiveOps? What's your typical week like? You set your own hours (though you have to be on the clock for a minimum of 30 minutes each work session) and work as much or as little as you want. Then it is the following business day. There are both inbound and outbound calls available depending upon the line. Logistically speaking, youll need a few things. Otherwise, the pay is on the lower end of the scale.

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If you dont take a lot of calls or close many sales (for the sales positions LiveOps may choose to part ways after six months. By being knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful, youll not only provide a great service to these customers, but youll be able to grow your own income. If you dont find an opening thats right for you. The more programs they certify work from home jobs like liveops to provide services for, the more opportunities they have to generate revenue for their business. Visit my work at home job leads page to see what companies have had work at home openings recently. Do you enjoy people and enjoy helping them by products or services? . Why did you choose to work from home? Sometimes, there are seasonal opportunities, like providing technical support for TurboTax. You truly can pick your own hours.

work from home jobs like liveops