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Working online from home pdf

working online from home pdf

Plus500 CY LTD is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. These two products covered the two key fundamentals of making money online. (2009) reported wide variation in the adoption rates of managers and employees of WFH within every 3-digit SIC industry code surveyed. In summary, Ctrip decided to run a nine-month experiment on working from home. Three employees have been excluded because they lack pre-experimental data. There are a thousand and one topics that a website can be built around, and a living to be earned from. There were four jobs in each of the two departments hotel and airline involved in the experiment. Table biii: What did you do with the extra time saved from no commuting? Table BIV: How did you learn about the costs and benefits for WFH? Krizan, "Aggregate Productivity Growth: Lessons from Microeconomic Evidence in New Developments in Productivity Analysis, Edward Dean, Michael Harper and Charles Hulten, eds. Interestingly, over half of them switched, which led bitcoin share price live to the gains from WFH almost doubling. Phone calls in z-scores (normalized so the pre-experiment values are mean zero and standard deviation 1).

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We heard some anecdotal evidence for this from employees and managers during focus groups and interviews, and it was one factor that led some employees to return to the office to avoid what they perceived as a WFH promotion discrimination penalty. Bandiera, Oriana, Iwan Barankay, and Imran Rasul, Social Preferences and the Response to Incentives: Evidence from Personnel Data, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 120 (2005 915-62. Employees with an even birth date (a day ending 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) were selected into the treatment and those with an odd birth date were in the control group. Among the volunteers, 249 (50) of the employees met the eligibility requirements and were recruited into the experiment. They anticipated a reduction, but nothing like the 50 drop they observed. What we see is a similar improvement in performance for both groups. The employees typically worked 5 shifts a week, scheduled by the firm in advance. It working online from home pdf becomes so much easier writing about something that is a passion than something you would have to learn about and research.

Home workers also reported improved work satisfaction and their attrition rate halved, but their promotion rate conditional on performance fell. In the US, the decision to allow employees in call centers to work from home varies across firms, even those within the same industry, suggesting a lack of any consensus on its impact. (0.011) 74 Notes: The regressions are all probits at the individual level. Falk and Kosfeld, 2006) in that employees felt more positively towards Ctrip for allowing them to work at home and reciprocated by working harder. Great for people who. Strikingly, only about 35 of the control employees who all had volunteered initially to work from home actually moved home when they were allowed to. Comparison between treatment and control groups (see Appendix Table AII) shows there was a 5 significant difference between them in only 1 of the 18 characteristics: the control group was more likely to be have children.

For example, home-based employment might allow the firm to access other labor markets,.g. Calls have unit working online from home pdf value of v to the firm. Post-Experiment Selection In August 2011, management estimated that each employee working from home was worth about 2,000 per year more to Ctrip (see details in Online Appendix.A so they decided to extend the option to work from home. See details of survey questions and methodology in Online Appendix. Opportunities for online data entry jobs in Australia and abroad. 32 This might be especially the case among the more productive home-workers, who were relatively well paid and had less to gain from promotion. Lazear, Edward, Performance Pay and Productivity, American Economic Review, 90 (2000. Thank you for visiting Earn Money From Home - Australia. The largest factor increasing the home-workers performance is that, as shown in column (6 they worked.2 more minutes per day. Earn extra cash for you and your. As we will see, this appears to have had a significant effect. This differential attrition, of course, also raises the question of whether our estimated impact of WFH is biased. Columns (2) and (3) break this difference in minutes on the phone down into two pieces.

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This is also evaluated in Table V, which estimates the performance impact of workingfrom-home during and after the experiment. Look at the lists for Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other areas such as Taiwan, Puerto Rico. There is also a connection to the urban economics literature. Online teaching listings How to make money fast convergys work at home computer. Like millions of Australians, it no doubt does regularly. For the four years during which Liang was a Stanford doctoral student he was non-executive Chairman rather than the CEO of Ctrip. Both factors the threat of imitation and risk-aversion from the career concerns of senior managers are likely to represent forces deterring process innovations in other large firms, so they may be pervasive forces curtailing experimentation in managerial and operational practices. Walker, Francis, The Source of Business Profits, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1 (1887 265288.

We found that low performers were significantly more likely to quit, particularly in the control group. There are some obvious concerns working online from home pdf with these results. We further tested whether selective attrition existed by running probit regressions in Table viii. We found several striking results. Third, the extent of WFH was limited, so that it did not require a significant reorganization at the workplace. First vertical red line indicates the beginning of the experiment on December 6, 2010 and the second vertical red line indicates the end of the experiment on August 14, 2011, after which the option to work from home was available to all employees. Syversson, Chad, What Determines Productivity? Order placers and order correctors were also allocated tasks automatically. These practices have potentially large effects on measured productivity.

The working online from home pdf emotion survey used in columns (4) to (6) was conducted every week. During-Experiment Treatment 400 450 Pre-Experiment Control 300 350 Phonecalls per week 500 550 Figure. This selection of even birthdates into the treatment group was randomly determined by the Chairman, James Liang, by drawing a ping pong ball from an urn in a public ceremony one week prior to the experiments start date (see Exhibit. These results are similar to those of Lazear (2000) and Bandiera, Barankay and Rasul (2007 who find the introduction of performance-related pay improves performance both by motivating individual employees to work harder and by attracting or sorting higher ability employees into the work. Two things are worth noting about this. Having employees work from home raises two major issues. All treatment employees had to remain at home for this period, even if they changed their minds and wanted to return to the office. American Economic Review, 98 (2008 394-425 Garvin, David and Nancy Dai, Ctrip: Scientifically Managing Travel Services. The second strand of literature is on the adoption of workplace flexibility and work-life balance practices. Batt, Rosemary, Alex Colvin, Harvey Katz, and Jeff Keefe, Telecommunications 2004: Strategy, HR Practices and Performance, Center for Advanced Human Resources Studies, Cornell University, Working Paper Series, Working paper 04 18, 2004. 23 We could in principle do a differences in differences comparison of the performance of treatment and control groups during the days the treatment groups worked at home versus the days they worked in the office.

working online from home pdf

We further decomposed the difference in performance observed in column (4) into phone calls answered per minute on the phone (a measure of productivity and minutes on the phone (a measure of high-frequency labor supply). 10, to qualify to work from home, an employee also needed to have tenure of at least 6 months, have broadband internet at home to connect to the network, and an independent workspace at home during their shift (such as their own bedroom). This working online from home pdf ambiguity would seem likely in other contexts too. We administered the same survey with the help of the Ctrip management in November 2010 and August 2011. Hence, given the annual saving of about 1900 per employee, the firm rolled the program out in August 2011, accompanied by an aggressive poster campaign to persuade employees to take up the home-working option. We report the results of the first randomized experiment on working from home, run in a 16,000 employee, nasdaq-listed Chinese firm, Ctrip. Gibbons, Robert, and Rebecca Henderson, What Do Managers Do? This increase in true TFP came from two sources.

working online from home pdf

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Data Collection Ctrip had an extremely comprehensive central data collection system, in large part because its founding team came from Oracle and had extensive database software experience. After all, much of the research for this paper and its writing were done by the authors working from home. While these features arguably favored successful implementation of working from home at Ctrip, we believe the practice of working from home is worth further exploration. Since all employees have z-scores but not all employees have phonecall counts (because for example they do working online from home pdf order booking) the z-scores for overall performance covers a wider group of employees than for phonecall. Finally, the firm was itself so convinced that the success of the experiment was not due to Hawthorne type effects that it rolled out WFH to the entire airfare and hotel divisions.

The research literature provided very little guidance on what might happen.33 31 Conceptually column (3) tries to tease out the partial effect of WFH on promotions. The key measures for the other three groups were the numbers of different types of calls made. How to secure work from home data entry jobs. The treatment group reported no difference in satisfaction levels from the control group at the first survey, but working online from home pdf the treatment group reported statistically significantly higher satisfaction once the experiment began. As a result my first experience making any money from the Internet was selling old. X-efficiency American Economic Review, 56 (1966 392-415 Mas, Alexandre, and Enrico Moretti, Peers at Work, American Economic Review, 99 (2009 Maslach, Christina, and Susan Jackson, Maslach Burnout Inventory. The coefficient is slightly smaller but similar.18 If we limit the sample to the 134 order-takers, we can use phone. Home-Based Workers in the United States: 2010, United States Census Bureau, Current Population Reports, 2012. A website is your open book to inform, educate or to lead people in the direction you believe. The company's main operations are based in Israel, with regulated entities in the UK, Cyprus and Australia, and additional operations. Staff responsibilities Staff approved to work from home must: From staff member home responsible for all costs associated with compliance; report any health and safety risks in the home based from, and notify immediate supervisor of any work related.

working online from home pdf

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First, poorly performing employees in the control group were more likely to quit than those in the treatment group (see section. They told us this meant it was easier to hear the customers, so they did not have to ask them to repeat themselves as often and could process the orders more quickly. 2005).9 WFH is also part of the wider impact of IT on firm fragmentation arising from the increasing ease of long-distance communicating (e.g. Usually, all that is needed is an internet connection and a willingness to earn. Michael Oakes, Wen Fan, Cassandra Okechukwu, Kelly Davis, Leslie Hammer, Ellen Ernst Kossek, Rosalind Berkowitz King, Ginger Hanson, Frank Mierzwa and Lynne Casper, Changing Work and Work-Family Conflict: Evidence from the Work, Family, and Health Network, American Sociological Review, 79 (2014 485-516. Of this sample of 957 workers, 141 were currently or previously WFH and 836 were not. Since compliance was imperfect, our estimators take even birth date status as the treatment status, yielding an intention to treat result on the eligible volunteers. We will later investigate if employees will choose to WFH or stay in the office. The firm used these measures to monitor the work of its employees. We are not aware of much debate at Ctrip about the right number of days to set for WFH, although JetBlue requires only working online from home pdf one day per month. We thank the National Science Foundation and Toulouse Network for Information Technology (which is supported by Microsoft) for co-funding for this project. Harvard Business School case study, # 312 092, 2012. 4 and the 9-month experiment and subsequent roll-out process were essential for their ability to evaluate.

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Number of phone calls made for order-takers (the group for whom number of phone calls taken is a performance metric) calculated separately for treatment (even-numbered birthdays) and control (oddnumbered birthdays). This group had yet to move home, so this difference was presumably due to the control groups learning they lost the working from home lottery while the treatment group learned they had won. Firm learning The firm learned four important things from running the formal experiment versus the nonrandomized pilot that they had initially been considering. How to get money fast with 25 easy ways to make money which are also super quick ways to make money. The Experimental Design The experiment took place in the airfare and hotel booking departments in the Shanghai call center. First, was quality sacrificed for quantity by the home workers? Share of workers working at home is calculated within each wage decile. All you need is the willingness to learn from a responsible and respected teaching program that will explain in laymans terms every step of the way. Table.IV in the online appendix shows a similar result, that the impact of WFH was not statistically different across a range of other characteristics, including gender, commute time, age, prior experience and living arrangements. While managers had previously been allowed to work from home on an ad hoc basis, no non-managerial level employees had been allowed to. More generally, we also believe that the results on attrition and promotion have broader applicability many employees do seem to strongly prefer working from home, but may fear this reduces their chances of promotion.

If you is a home also online drug health profile India from realized by research drugs, even scheduled calculation, forex kauppa from reliable about. Like other travel agencies internationally, Ctrip aggregates information on hotels, flights and tours; makes reservations and obtains tickets for clients; and generates revenue through commissions from hotels, airlines and tour operators. denotes 1 significance, * 5 significance and * 10 significance. The first three columns of working online from home pdf Table VII show three different satisfaction measures. Performance*treatment is the interaction of the performance measure by an individual having an even birthdate (2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th etc day of the month). The impact of working from home 22 was positive, on average, but appears to have a large variance, so that employee choice led to a much higher effect, as shown in Figure. 2 2 (Council of Economic Advisors, 2010, Executive Summary) The efficacy of WFH as a management practice was what concerned Ctrip, Chinas largest travel agency, with 16,000 employees and a nasdaq listing.

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After the experiment, we see in Figure III that about 50 of the treatment group immediately decided to return to the office, despite having to incur the financial and time costs of commuting. Call center representatives are organized into small teams12 of around 10 to 15 people (mean.7 and median of 11 grouped by department and the type of work. That is, working from home seems to reduce quitting both directly and also indirectly by improving employees performance.29 In column (4) we jointly tested whether employees with worse performance were more likely to leave the firm from the treatment group compared to the control group. In reverse, half of the treatment group changed their minds and returned to the office especially those who had performed relatively badly at home, but also ones who found the lack of social contact particularly costly. Not be paid to browse, while you undertake other, higher earning working online from home pdf internet based jobs?

All performance measures are z-scores (constructed by taking the average of normalized performance measures, where these are normalizing each individual measure to a mean of zero and standard deviation of 1 across the sample). Academic Staff it is recognised that depending upon teaching, research and professional commitments, Academic staff may at policy work from home or alternative work locations. Does working from home work? Third, perhaps our results are driven by attrition bias. Bloom, Nicholas, Benn Eifert, Aprajit Mahajan, David McKenzie and John Roberts, Does Management Matter: Evidence from India, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 128 (2013 151. Perhaps the gap between treatment and control was caused not by the treatment group performing better but working online from home pdf by the control group performing worse after they lost the randomization lottery. This suggests that the gap between the treatment and control group reflects an improvement in the performance of the treatment group rather than any deterioration of the control group.23. Another related question is whether the improvement associated with working from home came from an actual improvement in the treatment group or from a deterioration in the control group. If you are really interested in starting your own website please leave a comment below and I will be only to please to converse with you. The first weekly survey was conducted in late November 2010, before the experiment began but after the randomization had occurred.

A related question is what was the impact on total factor productivity (TFP)? Conclusions The frequency of working from home has been rising rapidly in the.S. It depends, for example, on the benefits of supervisor support in the office versus the quieter working environment at home. Conversion rates were calculated as the percentage of phone calls answered that resulted in orders, while the weekly recording scores came from the 1 of phone-calls that were randomly evaluated by an external monitoring team. Taking the derivative with respect to B yields c( ).

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Since no other Chinese firm had previously experimented with home-working for call center employees, there was no local precedent. In the bottom panel we find no significant evidence of differential sorting in the office-based control group, suggesting less learning occurred in this group who did not get to experience homebased working directly. This list will specify home owns the equipment. Table BI: Impact of WFH on individual performance How did WFH improve performance? 2012).1 At the same time, the wage discount (after controlling for observables) from primarily working at home has fallen, from 30 in 1980 to zero in 2000 (Oettinger, 2011). For example, JetBlue allowed home-based call center employees to live up to 3 hours drive from the office as they needed to come into the office only one day per month. We also investigated two-way clustering by individual and week following (Cameron, Gelbach and Miller, 2006) and found the results remained significant: for example, in Table II, column (1) the standard error increased from.063.069, reducing the t-statistic from.70.35. Interviewing the employees, we heard that control group employees who underperformed tended to quit for other similar call center or office jobs, which were easy to find. Hence, the treatment and control assignments were fixed for the full 9 months, except for a few cases where employees changed apartments and lost access to their own rooms or where a functioning Internet connection to Ctrip could not be established17. That is, if we call quitting Q, working from home H and performance P, column (1) estimates the total derivative dQ/dH, while column (3) estimates the partial derivatives Q/H and Q/P. The drop in performance before the start of the experiment is due to the disruption from the transition from office based to home based working for the treatment group. Said there's no evidence the trading firm will be fined amid regulatory.

See, in particular, the discussion in Garvin and Dai (2012) about Ctrips adoption of scientific management. In Table IX we show the results from running probit regressions on performance before the experiment, performance during the experiment, as well as some demographic controls. Council of Economic Advisors (2010 Work-life balance and the economics of workplace flexibility, 26 Council of Economic Advisors (2014 Nine facts about American families and work, _final. These conditions apply to a range of service jobs such as sales, IT support, and secretarial assistance, but they are far from universal. Is home income cash system stock trading working online from home pdf chart analysis pdf mean zero. The WFH agreement will outline the duties to be performed whilst undertaking home based work, the mechanisms home monitoring output, as well as the policy arrangements, prior to the WFH agreement being put in work. Run by the Australian government designed to assist entrepreneurs with money to pay for. Estonia, greek, english, spanish, finnish, french, croatian. Reducing the frequency of commuting will reduce vehicle miles travelled, lowering emissions, but also reducing population centrality as people move out to the suburbs (Bento. Noise at home (TV, other people talking, neighbors etc) Distractions from family and friends 4 4 2 1 Note: Responses from WFH employees only (N141).

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(Palo Alto, CA: Consulting Psychologist Press, 1981). Lee, David, Training, Wages and Sample Selection: Estimating Sharp Bounds on Treatment Effects, Review of Economic Studies, 76 (2008. All members of a team worked on the same schedule, so individuals could not choose their shifts. Job opportunities for online typing home. Without running a formal experiment, their view was that they could have interpreted the drop in treatment performance shown in Figure IV as a negative treatment effect. The work attitude survey was conducted every week. Second, despite the time and financial savings from not having to commute, more than half of the workers eligible to work at home decided to return to work in the office, suggesting they placed a high value on social interactions at work (Hamermesh, 1990). To examine this, we compared the Shanghaibased control group to similar employees in Nan Tong, and found no almost identical results. Order takers key performance measures were the number of phone calls answered and number of orders taken.

Change of roommate, change of rental) I started to find it hard to concentrate I moved closer to work Note: Responses from WFH employees only (N141). Bloom, Nicholas, Renata Lemos, Raffaella Sadun, Daniela Scur, and John Van Reenen, The New Empirical Economics of Management, Journal of the European Economic Association, 12 (2014 83576, Cameron, Colin, Jonah Gelbach, and Douglas Miller, Robust Inference with Multi-Way Clustering, nber Technical Working Paper 0327, 2006. P-value.581. Notes. Finally, in column (6) we 25 working online from home pdf The other three options less stress, no commuting and more flexibility on work time and breaks all received between 10 to 11, while other (specify in text box) was never selected. Being alone had some negative effects in terms of high levels of reported loneliness (see Appendix B but the quietness had positive effects on productivity.